Zoom virtual events are getting a serious makeover

Zoom has announced a new event management tool designed to help digital event organizers to create sessions without the sacrifices that come with opting for a cheaper product, or without the unnecessary costs involved with going for a more expensive product.

The video conferencing company said that a ‘one size fits all’ approach no longer works as more customers have become accustomed to online environments. 

The new Zoom Sessions offering is therefore designed to facilitate better branding, analytics, and engagements, thus driving better ROI.

Zoom Sessions

The product is designed to support single-session events, offering organizers the chance to use analytics, use automation tools and integrations, collaborate with interactive features, and use customized branding assets.

Zoom Sessions is already available to purchase, and sits somewhere between the Zoom Webinars on which it is based and Zoom Meetings, which is a more expensive, feature-laden offering. Pricing is scalable depending on the number of attendees you require, with licenses starting from $990 (£730) per year.

The events that require multiple co-hosts, Zoom has also made backstage available to Zoom Sessions, which enables organizers to work together before, during, and after an event. 

Naturally, Zoom Sessions comes with all of the features that are already included in Zoom Webinars, including support for videos up to 30 hours long, virtual backgrounds with branding, and tools like Q&A, polling, and quizzes.

Beyond occasionally offering new products, like many video conferencing platforms, Zoom is regularly applying updates to make all business- and personal-oriented plans better and more secure in a bid to retain its significant section of the market, against the likes of Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.

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