Windows 11 really wants you to get a VPN

The latest build of Windows 11 is set to get a VPN indicator in its notification area, making it easier for users to check their connection status or connect more easily.

According to multiple reports highlighted by Neowin, upcoming builds of Windows 11 will feature the new icon as Microsoft addresses the growing popularity of VPN services across the world.

Apple fans will already be familiar with the feature, with VPN indicators available in the macOS taskbar along with a status bar icon for iOS devices. In fact, even Android devices have had an icon appear in their status bars, leaving Windows machines somewhat left out when it comes to using VPNs.

Windows 11 VPN icon

There are some caveats, though, as pointed out by Neowin. Firstly, the icon only appears to be working with a wired connection, so users with a Wi-Fi connection won’t be able to check their connection so easily.

Also, it seems that the operating system will not recognize third-party VPN apps, which will leave a large portion of VPN users uncatered for. The VPN connection will need to be set up from the system settings in order to function as described.

Then, of course, there is the fact that these are just rumours and speculations derived from those with early access, who have been fortunate enough to have a dig around build 25247. It’s likely that Microsoft will continue to fine-tune the VPN status icon to include Wi-Fi connections, and possibly third-party apps, maybe before its full release. That’s if it makes the cut, and isn’t delayed until the next build.

Also forming part of the latest update to the OS, users will be able to quickly toggle between video and mic effects from Quick Settings and select from energy saving options to improve efficiency. Details on these updates can be read on the Microsoft blog.

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