Raspberry Pi could be taking some big leaps forward in 2023

Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton has revealed some details that have proven crucial to the company’s success, and further hints at future Pi shops.

Speaking to Tom’s Hardware, Upton explained that the company enjoyed a healthy December 2022, meaning it was firmly on track for what he would have expected pre-pandemic. 

He later revealed the company’s bulk buying habits which have led it to have an abundance of supply, even during times of chip shortages.

Raspberry Pi supply

Upton explained that a decision was made to purchase 500 wafers, each capable of producing between 21,000 and 22,000 die for the RP2040 chip (each measuring about 2mm squared), which retails for around $1/£1. 

This move has led to a total of 10 million RP2040 chips produced since 2021, leading to a “stockpile” ready to funnel into the popular Pico W variants (available from $4/£3.60).

The company has also bought other components in large numbers, such as Wi-Fi models, to the tune of “millions of units”. 

Upton was later asked whether the company would consider opening more Raspberry Pi stores. Currently, a sole Cambridge-based shop that first opened its doors in February 2019 offers all manner of hardware, accessories, and literature by Raspberry Pi and third parties, with several other pop-ups appearing up and down the UK over time.

Moving forward, “the next chapter” would likely be determined by further trials of pop-up stores, however it was indicated that the company may cater to the large Raspberry Pi community that has formed in India in recent years.

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