Gen Z is really craving digital workplaces

Younger workers are unhappy with their outdated office setups, and are calling for digital transformation in the workplace, new research from SD Worx suggests.

With a rise in hybrid and home working, many companies have stepped up to the challenge, providing the right hardware and software for workers to get things done wherever they may be, such as video conferencing and collaboration tools

However, SD Worx claims that the oft-neglected, behind-the-scenes processes need just as much attention, if not for the business, then for the continued satisfaction of the youngest section of the workforce.

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The report gound more than half (54%) of the Gen Z workforce (those born between the mid- to late-90s and early 2010s) is seeking a “better digitalisation across HR processes and solutions in the workplace.”

SD Worx says that this highlights a “sharp focus on digital solutions that bring improvements like speed and convenience to the employee experience” – something that has become vitally important as more workers become open to considering career changes at a time where every penny counts.

The company thinks that streamlined digital holiday booking and absence requests should be a priority in tackling worker dissatisfaction, but not at the expense of a personalized experience. 

That’s proven by over 70% of workers claiming that they prefer a personalized onboarding session, colleague collaboration, and departure interview.

Work is already underway to improve the employee experience, with 53% of European companies having already invested in better digital HR processes, according to a study of more than 4,000 companies, with countries including the UK and Belgium in the lead.

Besides HR, it seems that Gen Z workers are keen on the digitalization of health and wellbeing, which has become an increasing priority for workers in an effort to retain staff.

UK HR Country Lead for SD Worx, Colette Philp, describes current conditions as a “war for talent” in which companies need to bid highly to both attract and retain a new generation of staff.

Philp continues: “Employees are being very clear about what they want… our research shows employers are listening.”

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