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It’s also only available in India, which may impose some restrictions on international business outside of the country. That said, it’s incredibly affordable and is packed with all the fundamental features you’d expect of a cloud storage solution.

DigiBoxx: Plans and pricing

DigiBoxx is primarily a platform that’s designed to facilitate company collaboration with large pots of storage, however it does offer some individual-oriented plans, too, starting with a free 20GB account with a 2GB maximum file size allowance. 

Then, there are 100GB, 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB plans for 30, 90, 120, and 199 Rupees per month. That’s the equivalent of roughly $0.40, $1.10, $1.50, and $2.50 per month for the purpose of comparison, though there are 10% savings to be had for annual subscriptions. 

There are also 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 5TB, 10TB, and 25TB storage plans for companies, each with a different allowance on the number of employees ranging from 50 users to 500 users. The plans range from 999 Rupees (approximately $12.30) to 9,999 Rupees (approximately $123.00) per month, again with 10% savings for annual subscriptions.

Both of the above paid plans come with a 10GB file size limit. On top of this, larger organizations may want to consider activating a customized Enterprise plan with as much storage and as many users as they need, with no file size limit. 

DigiBoxx has plans for individuals and businesses (Image credit: DigiBoxx)

DigiBoxx: Features

DigiBoxx is an Indian-owned company, and it’s clear that its services are designed specifically with Indian customers in mind. It’s really refreshing to see that it supports eight of the country’s spoken languages (Bangla, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Tamil, and Telugu) as well as English, which many customers will find particularly enticing. A company slogan reads ‘go vocal for local’, which indicates DigiBoxx’s intentions to challenge the multinational giants. 

Global customers are less well-catered for, on the other hand. In fact, they’re not catered for – when we tried to sign up for an account in the UK, we were notified that DigiBoxx isn’t available. We tried accessing the service with a VPN, routing via a number of nearby Asian countries, however these were also denied access to DigiBoxx. What this means is that any India-based companies that intend to do business internationally will want to consider whether they need to share files abroad.

As well as saving any number of file types, DigiBoxx also integrates a DigiFotos tool, which provides a dedicated space for managing photos and videos, including editing capabilities, though don’t expect it to be anywhere near a rival for dedicated photo editing software like Photoshop.

With a clear intention to make business collaboration as slick as possible, DigiBoxx is also able to search for files using metadata. It’s proud to advise customers that they can surface any file whenever they want without too much hassle. 

There are file and photo-specific storage features (Image credit: DigiBoxx)

DigiBoxx: Interface and in use

Being a cloud storage solution, there’s very little that can set it apart from other cloud storage providers given that its use cases are fairly limited. That said, it’s clear that the design team has put some effort into how DigiBoxx looks on both the browser and iOS and Android apps. 

Small details like thumbnails showing colleagues who have access to a folder help users to visually pick up on information without having to open up a detailed view, and there are different ways to sort and filter files, too.

Photos are laid out chronologically in the DigiFotos section, and the editing functions are easy to navigate.

File sharing is also made easy, and users can choose to share a file with a colleague using DigiBoxx, use a sharable link, or send out a link with a number of third-party sharing platforms like Slack, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms. 

Manage DigiBoxx on the go with the smartphone apps (Image credit: Google Play Store)

DigiBoxx: Support

DigiBoxx has a knowledge center built into the website, however this is more for details on product announcements and blog-type content rather than the self-help articles that you’d typically find on other online services. 

However, there is an email address and +91 phone number if you need support. There’s also a chatbot in the bottom corner of the website, however we didn’t find this much help trying to answer questions beyond what it was programmed to answer.

DigiBoxx: Security

The data you upload to DigiBoxx is stored on Indian servers, which the company claims to be “backed by robust technology and back-end support”. We were only able to find information about DigiBoxx’s file transfer encryption by digging through its blog posts, and there’s no dedicated page relating to security, which we like to see in an era where privacy is crucial.

The competition

The cloud storage space is very busy, and any company wishing to compete within it must have a unique selling point. DigiBoxx hopes that its Indian roots will appeal to its Indian customers, however ultimately, this leaves it with a fairly small audience. Yes, India is the second most populated country in the world after China at the time of writing, however its inherent focus on its roots leaves it little wiggle room to appeal to a wider, more global audience.

Then, of course, you have the huge number of global cloud storage solutions that are available in India, ranging from household names like Google Drive to less well-known companies, all bidding for a slice of the market. 

Final verdict

In isolation, DigiBoxx offers most of the things you’d expect from a cloud storage solution, and its pricing is especially affordable. That said, its lack of openness around security and the fact that it limits companies’ abilities to operate internationally are both drawbacks, make it hard for us to recommend DigiBoxx in any large scale. However, if your use case does suit the platform, it’s worth checking out in further detail.

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