Dell’s new PowerEdge services promise latest Intel chips, top-end AI power

Dell has announced no fewer than 13 new PowerEdge servers, built on 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, in a move that it hopes to “accelerate performance and reliability” while offering up some cost-effective solutions. 

Jeff Boudreau, president and general manager for Infrastructure Solutions Group at Dell, said that customers value the company’s “easily managed yet sophisticated” solutions. His expectations for the next generation of PowerEdge servers is that it “raises the bar in power efficiency, performance and reliability”.

The latest Intel Xeon chips were made available earlier in 2023, citing improvements in performance and overall reductions in power usage, which Dell hopes will help its latest servers be more energy efficient in a time where data centers and under increasing pressure to deliver on key environmental statistics.

Dell PowerEdge update

The announcement unveils the PowerEdge HS5610 and HS5620 servers, which are available in both 1U and 2U form factors designed to facilitate adoption.

Among the key areas to receive significant improvements is artificial intelligence: the company says that AI inferencing on the also-new PowerEdge R760, equipped with the latest Xeon chip, is set to be up to 2.9 times better.

Improvements have been made to airflow by up to 52% compared with the previous generation. This, and the performance upgrades that come in hand, is designed to help companies reduce energy usage.

Beyond the hardware developments, Dell has also issued a series of improvements to the tools designed to help deployment and management, including Dell CloudIQ for monitoring, Dell ProDeploy services, and the Dell iDRAC9 (remote access controller).

Global availability for the R760 is set for February 2023, with the pair of HS-branded servers due two months later in April and additional units coming in the first half of the year.

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