BenQ’s Mobiuz EX480UZ gaming monitor is a monster display for both consoles and PCs

Gaming monitor size usually sits in relative to the needs of the particular player. For competitive leaning gamers, 27 inches is just enough. Meanwhile, the gold standard of ultrawide monitors contributes to incredible views. This is what makes the 40-plus inch segment of gaming displays so interesting. 

Some may feel a television may be better by that point – especially when gamers can get an expensive 4K gaming television with 120Hz for example. Despite lacking things like a tuner, these large gaming monitors still provide lower input lag and faster response times. This is why gamers should consider BenQ’s EX480UZ. 

Set for release January 20 at $1,799, the EX480UZ is a huge 48-inch 4K gaming monitor with loads of features. Having a 120Hz refresh rate and 0.1ms GTG response time alongside FreeSync Premium capabilities mean that performance-oriented gamers will have much to appreciate. Outside of gaming prowess, the EX480UZ checks off all the marks in regards to visual quality. 

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The OLED panel display has HDR10, a light tuner to automatically brighten up darker sections of the screen due to incorrect gamma, Black eQualizer for overly darkened sections of a render, and color vibrance to make colors bolder. HDR10 alongside HDRi are packed in for optimal peak brightness alongside contrast. 

Users into content curation with Adobe Suite will appreciate the color gamut of 98% P3. Keeping possible eyestrain in mind, the EX480UZ also has Low Blue Light, Brightness Intelligence, and is flicker free.

Then there are other features packed in like the treVolo 2.1 channel audio split between two 5W speakers and 10W subwoofer. According to BenQ, the company developed the speaker drivers with neodymium magnets to prevent sound distortion. For added measure, the EX480UZ features several audio presets as well including one for first-person shooters, live music concerts and cinema.

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A small remote control comes packed into the EX480UZ package. Besides volume controls, there are toggles for display mode, volume presets and visual presets too. Considering the size of this monitor, users are definitely going to definitely need this.

The EX480UZ features one DisplayPort 1.4, two HDMI 2.1 ports, one USB Type-C, one USB Type-B, and two USB Type-A 3.2. That should be more than enough for PC gamers who also enjoy multiplatform console gaming. Individuals who want to work from two computers on one monitor will appreciate KVM mode to manage them without extra inputs.

All of this is backed by BenQ’s 3 year limited warranty.

(Image credit: Future)

During our hands-on time with the EX480UZ, the crew at BenQ utilized Marvel’s Spider Man Miles Morales on PlayStation 5. With the graphic settings set to performance mode, playing the action adventure at 120Hz was an exceptionally smooth experience and image quality was vivid. 

Watching Miles Morales swing through Harlem and fight enemies just felt great overall. It definitely feels better than playing on a traditional 40-plus inch television for sure.

Despite the CES crowd noise, the speakers sounded pretty decent as well though it was difficult to place a finger on the overall audio quality. Outside of gaming, this monitor can be best suited for users who want to edit multiple photos at once or have a fuller experience of using Premier Pro.

If the EX480UZ has proven anything, it’s that the gaming monitor can definitely stand next to other huge displays like the Gigabyte Aorus FV43U and Acer Predator CG7 easily. Despite the higher price, the overall package is worth the price of admission. Expect the EX480UZ to be one of the most talked about gaming monitors this year when it drops in late January 2023.

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