Asus ROG Delta S Wireless gaming headset review: comfortable and decently balanced

Asus ROG Delta S Wireless: One-minute review

On one hand, the Asus ROG Delta S Wireless may not appeal to a lot of people, looks-wise. It’s sadly a bit plain-looking. And, despite Asus going for that gamer aesthetic, it also looks a little dated, especially compared to its peers, many of which now sport sleeker, more modern designs.

On the other hand, you might just start to like it once you put it on and listen to what it can do, audio-wise. This is a very comfortable gaming headset that delivers a decently balanced and spacious sound. It comes with its share of snazzy touches — such as its USB-C (not USB Type A) transmitter and a garage to put that transmitter away so you don’t lose it. And, if you’re a fan of wireless gaming headsets like us, you probably know the pain of losing a USB wireless transmitter all too well!

But then, one look at that price tag of $199.99 / £159.99 / AU$329 might put you off again, as it is a little steep for what the headset offers. It’s nice-sounding and very comfortable, but unfortunately, in that price range, there are superior options.

Do I like the Asus ROG Delta S Wireless enough to recommend it to most gamers? It’s a bit of a head-scratcher if I’m being honest.

Asus ROG Delta S Wireless: Price and availability

How much does it cost? $199.99 / £159.99 / AU$329When is it available? Available nowWhere can you get it? Available in the US, the UK, and Australia

Asus ROG Delta S Wireless: SPECS

Interface: 2.4GHz transmitter, Bluetooth
Platforms: PCs, Macs, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices
Mic: AI Beamforming microphones with AI noise cancelation
Surround sound: Virtual surround sound (available only on compatible devices or via Armoury Crate software)
Weight: 310g

The Asus ROG Delta S Wireless isn’t exactly a cheap gaming headset. At $199.99 / £159.99 / AU$329, it sits in the same price range as the much-lauded SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 Wireless ($179.99 / £174.99 / A$399), which delivers far superior audio and a much more appealing design. 

For what it offers, I’m not sure I’d be willing to spend that much on the Asus ROG Delta S Wireless. It is incredibly comfortable and it’s also versatile. But so are other wireless gaming headsets, some of which, like the Arctis Nova 7 Wireless, deliver better sound quality. 

The good news is that it’s available in the US, UK, and Australia, which means you can easily get it if you decide you want it.

Value: 3 / 5

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Asus ROG Delta S Wireless: Design

Unappealing gaming headset designVery comfortable and fairly lightweightUSB-C wireless receiver garage on the right earcup

I’m not big into that old-school gamer aesthetic ruled by chunky ear cups and mostly black finish. What’s more, the Asus ROG Delta S Wireless is pretty plain-looking, which prevents it from standing out. However, I do appreciate Asus’ slightly different take on the aesthetic. It gave this gaming headset D-shaped — D for Delta — ear cups and pads. 

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

That shape does make the gaming headset feel comfortable, although it already holds its own in comfort thanks to its soft headband foam, fairly lightweight design at 318g, and plush one-inch-thick ear pads. Even though the ear foam pads are thick, they contour to the side of your head, ensuring that the sound won’t bleed out and there’s enough passive noise cancellation when you need to focus. 

(Image credit: Future / Michelle Rae Uy)

Even though they are bigger than the average gaming headset ear cup, the ear cups on the ROG Delta S Wireless have enough swivel to fit most heads and for effortless storage. The headset comes with two sets of ear pads — a pair made of 100% protein leather and a pair made of breathable mesh-type fabric that Asus calls ROG Hybrid.

Not only is it very comfortable to wear for hours, but it’s got a lot of staying power. There isn’t too much clamping force, but enough to stay in place. I danced while wearing this headset, and it held well — even during the occasional head-banging.

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There are three controls on hand: a volume dial that moonlights as a mic mute button when pressed, a switch that lets you toggle between Bluetooth and 2.4GHz or turn the headset off completely, and a multi-function media button. With this button, you can press once to play/pause, twice to move to the next track, thrice to go back to the previous track, or press and hold for Bluetooth pairing.

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A nice touch that isn’t common with current gaming headset models is the USB-C wireless receiver, which has its own garage on the right ear cup of the headset. I’m constantly losing wireless receivers, so this is definitely a welcome thoughtful extra.

Asus gives you a bit more control over the Asus ROG Delta S Wireless via its Armoury Crate software. This offers an intuitive interface and extensive controls to allow you to turn on AI Noise Cancellation, switch audio profiles, and change other settings.

Design: 4 / 5

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Asus ROG Delta S Wireless: Performance

Decently balanced audioSpacious audio for a wider soundstageGood battery life

If you’re looking for a gaming headset with a decently balanced sound, you’ll want to check out the Asus ROG Delta S Wireless. There’s not much bass extension here to provide a whole lot of rumble during game battles, but it has a decent mid-bass that does a good job of filling in the bass frequency. Meanwhile, the highs sound full with the mid-highs helping vocals sound richer. And, it delivers spacious audio, which gives it a wider soundstage.

Don’t expect top-notch sound, however. The mids are recessed and somewhat polite sounding, and the audio isn’t the most detailed. Also, due to the spacious audio, everything might sound far away. So, instead of being immersed in the action, it will feel like you’re in the middle of a concert hall watching it.

This gaming headset isn’t great for most music except acoustic. Games like Control sound better, but there’s not a lot of that low-end rumble that gamers crave, and again, it sounds a bit polite, which isn’t what you want when battling monsters. 

The mic is a massive miss, sadly. Not only is the noise cancellation only available via the software, but your voice will sound compressed and a little distorted via the 2.4GHz receiver, and quieter and even more distorted via Bluetooth. If you were to choose the right connection for chatting with your teammates, I’d go with the wireless one because at least your voice will come across upfront and clear.

The battery life is a bit of an improvement, thankfully. A full charge should give you 25 hours of use, which means you can play eight hours a day for three days without needing to juice up — though, to be honest, since there isn’t any RGB lighting here, I expected it to be longer. At least, it’s got fast charging capabilities, and it automatically turns off within five minutes of inactivity, which should help you conserve power.

Performance: 3.5 / 5

Should I buy the Asus ROG Delta S Wireless?

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Asus ROG Delta S Wireless: Report card

First reviewed January 2022

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