Apple iPad 2022 live blog: M2 iPad Pro and a new entry-level iPad expected

Today’s the day that Apple finally showcases a new range of iPads to the world (if rumors are to be believed); more specifically the first batch of the company’s tablets to sport its upgraded M2 chipset, which itself debuted in the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro from earlier this year, in June.

The M2 iPad Pro range serves as a direct follow-on from last year’s models, both of which utilized Apple’s M1 chipset and could be had with an 11-inch or a 12.9-inch display.

While both models boasted 120Hz, only the larger Pro boasted a Mini LED display; a technology many are hoping trickles down to this year’s 11-inch model too.

Without further ado, here’s everything on the new iPads, as it happens.

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Good Morning (or afternoon, depending on where you’re tuning in). All signs point to Apple releasing it’s new iPads any time now, with the Apple Store buy pages for iPads set to ‘be right back’ and Tim Cook throwing out a tempting tweet.

Let’s dive in.

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The iPad’s ability to facilitate a range of digital creatives wasn’t lost on TechRadar’s managing editor for Lifestyle – Josie Watson, who’s also an artist in her spare time.

She’s already compiled a wishlist of features she’d like to see from this year’s iPad Pros. What do you think?

The possibilities are endless. #TakeNote 18, 2022

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Here’s that tweet from Tim Cook we mentioned. ‘#TakeNote’ is the slogan for today’s announcement and as the included video pinch-zooms through what first appears to be an endless tunnel of animated doodles, you’ll start to notice clues about what Apple’s focus will be today.

Zooms in on Apple Pencil. Detects no obvious change 18, 2022

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Our US Editor in Chief, Lance Ulanoff is practically pixel-peeping to figure out whether this is secretly an Apple Pencil 3 in Cook’s post, or just the company’s current-generation stylus. At a glance, it looks like the latter, sadly.

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Whether you’re already tempted by the current iPad lineup or are holding out hope for the potential price drop on the new iPads we’re expecting today, keep your eyes peeled on our Best iPad Deals roundup, which is constantly being updated to bring you the best prices on Apple’s prized slates.

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We were hoping for Apple to drop the announcement on its new slates just over an hour ago and 60-minutes later, still nothing from the company’s newsroom. All that means, however, is go time must be edging that much closer – maybe things’ll be difference in 50 minutes time…

(Image credit: Apple, with modification by TechRadar)

Let’s talk about the all-important Apple M2 chip that we’re expecting to be running the show inside these new October iPads.

First unveiled at Apple’s WWDC 2022 event in June, it’s already at work inside some MacBooks – as mentioned earlier. Despite the name, performance-wise the M2 sits beneath the M1 Pro and M1 Max (announced in October 2021), as well as (unsurprisingly) the M1 Ultra that showcased in March this year.

To quote Apple, compared to the standard M1, the M2 boasts an “18 percent faster CPU, a 35 percent more powerful GPU, and a 40 percent faster Neural Engine. It also delivers 50 percent more memory bandwidth compared to M1, and up to 24GB of fast unified memory”.

The hook that’s more important where the iPads are concerned is the promise of improved power efficiency. The M1-powered iPad Pro 2021 promises ten-hours of use per charge but in practice we found the tablet rarely reach that promise. Hopefully, with the M2, Apple can push that figure up by an hour (or more).

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