7 things you may have missed in the Silent Hill Townfall trailer

Just in time for Halloween, Konami has unveiled its plans for the future of the Silent Hill franchise. During the Silent Hill Transmission showcase on October 19, the publisher revealed a number of Silent Hill projects that are in the works, including merchandise, films, a long-rumored remake, and new games. As a long-time Silent Hill fan, I was glued to my screen. 

One project, in particular, stood out to me: Silent Hill Townfall. A spinoff game in the works at NoCode Studios, the teaser trailer for Townfall was horrific, artistic, but also incredibly confusing. The images and voice-over shown seemed to be almost cryptic in how they didn’t line up with each other. 

What seemed to be a normal CRTV pocket TV on a desk of some kind quickly became Konami’s psychological horror tool. From still images of hallways to gruesome and bloody scenes, the small flickering screen moved quickly from image to static to display horrific sights. With only a one-sided conversation overlaid on top for minimal context. 

The trailer for Townfall was so abstract that the creative director of NoCode, Jon McKellen, told fans to go back and rewatch the trailer to see “what you may have missed”. Luckily, you don’t have to do that, as we’ve compiled all the strange sights and fleeting images that you may have missed in the teaser trailer. 

A map to nowhere 

(Image credit: Konami )

From what we can see on the table where the CRTV radio sits, there seems to be a red ordinance map. Whether this means we are in the cabin of a search and rescue officer, police officer, or park ranger, is left unknown. However, the theme of a map was referenced again on the CRTV screen as it flashed a string of images that seemed to fit into one map that could reveal the location of Townfall.  

Flesh is weak  

(Image credit: Konami )

The words “flesh is weak” flashed on the small CRTV screen. Although this was quick and hard to see due to the faint text, I would think that this will have a great impact on the direction of this Silent Hill story. Silent Hill games tend to play into the weakness and sins of the human psyche, so these few words cement Townfall right in the middle of this franchise.  

Bloody bag  

(Image credit: Konami )

One of the more gruesome images in this trailer seemed to be a man holding the camera to face him and wearing some kind of mask or bloody bag over their head. In a disturbing scene, the person seems to be filming themselves on purpose, what they have done or will do is yet to be shown.  

Shredded hand  

(Image credit: Konami )

The theme of blood in Silent Hill Townfall is unmistakably present. As the recording progresses, the scenes increase in gore and violence  – unsurprising for a Silent Hill game. This sequence is particularly disturbing as what first seemed like an arm belonging to a dead person quickly shot to life and grabbed or hugged whatever poor soul was being recorded. This hand looked like it had been through a shredder, so whoever that hand belongs to must look gnarly.

Clear up 

(Image credit: Konami )

The bloodiest image on the CRTV  was of a person wearing a bloodstained full-body onesie – they must be fun at sleepovers. This recording was by far the quickest and shortest that appeared on the CRTV; it was also the clearest of all the bloody images to be shown. But what this person is doing and who they are is another mystery to add to the growing list. 


(Image credit: Konami )

The final image shown on the CRTV radio is much more interesting than it lets on. In what looks to be a hallway leading to a boiler room, the image is a fiery red  – you can feel the heat it gives off. At first, this seems like it is a location that will be in the game. But interestingly, the hue in the image perfectly matches the room the CRTV sits in. This room has gradually changed from a standard color to match this fire red throughout the trailer. Is that location important to the story, or maybe it’s the closest location to the CRTV radio?  

Threats and foreshadows  

(Image credit: Konami )

The dialogue was the last element of the Silent Hill Townfall trailer that stood out to me. With all these obscure and secretive images flashing on the screen, it’s easy to get distracted by the visuals. But the trailer ends with a bone-chilling sentiment. 

Throughout the trailer, we can hear the one-sided conversation of an interrogator before seeing a brief image of the person being interrogated in their final moments. The dialogue plays over the visuals mentioned above, with the unidentified interrogator discussing why he and his subject have been put in this situation, questioning whether it is something they deserve. 

However, he ends on this sentiment: “But for you, I think you’re here for some other reason, and I don’t want to be anywhere near you… when you figure that out”. Will we play the character being interrogated, and if so, will we be the real monster in Townfall? Again I can’t say for sure, but themes of psychological horror and inner trauma are pillars of Silent Hill and so to play as a monster wouldn’t be surprising.

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